June 2010. Okay, so this wasn't inspired by some spiritual insight or emotional morass. It was inspired by condensation and spray on the glass walls of a hot shower . . . as it brought me out of an emotional morass. Take delight in even the most mundane of things.


– Bradley Spear

Microscopic bubbles,
A fog upon the glass.
Growing fat and heavy
As they begin to mass.

Bubbles growing, merging,
Refract the room to me.
Many different sizes,
A psychedelic spree.

The pointillistic marks,
Draw faces that I know,
Or chimeric creatures
From fables long ago.

They build their ad hoc drafts,
An insubstantial art,
That moments later change
As each one flows apart.

But when they get too big,
And gravity takes hold,
And bubbles start to sink,
Their liquid paths unfold,

Traceries of water,
A simple filigree,
Meander down the glass
Like rivers to the sea.

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