December 2009. We just had a couple of days of rain. Not too much but enough. This morning however was one of those brilliant, chill mornings. After spending a little time outside (I wish I was back in the country) I wrote this.

Morning After A Rain

– Bradley Spear

Brilliant blue in a half-cloud sky,
“Quiet air,” reflects the vane.
The world is lit by cleaner light
The morning after a rain.

Earthworms now on the surface twist,
The storm soaked tunnels their bane.
Birds can feast on the bounty found,
The morning after a rain.

Beads of wet on the leaves and stems,
That against the weight must strain,
To keep aloft and eat the light,
The morning after a rain.

The world seems fresh and made anew,
Love of life it does sustain,
With rain-soaked grass ‘neath my bare feet,
The morning after a rain.

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