November 2009. Over the past few months, I’ve been drawn to Facebook, adding family and friends I have now, and friends I haven’t seen for many years. It was also the impetus to reconnect with friends who are not on Facebook. This piece is for all of them. (This poem was originally published on my Random Opinions blog, and moved here when I created this blog. The publish date is from the original.)

A Distant Friend

– Bradley Spear

Our lives gain value by our friends
And what those friendships mean,
Our kith and kin are emblems of
Those bonds that stay unseen.

And then a distant friend is found.
Their life was lived afar,
And lost to us for many years.
How followed they, their star?

What changes did they travel through,
As time filled in the gap?
Who did they meet along the way,
What path did their life map?

Will they still be the one I knew?
Been happy through the years?
Will they have changed to someone else,
Or cried too many tears?

Sometimes the mem’ries cheer and please
Sometimes they make us ache.
But mindless of what they may bring,
The past we can’t remake.

So to my friend so far away
It pays not to be blue.
Just think upon me once or twice,
I’ll do the same for you.

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  1. nice one!