October 2009. Looked around one morning and this poem just sort of spilled out. Very easy to write, I don’t know why. . . (This poem was originally published on my Random Opinions blog, and moved here when I created this blog. The publish date is from the original.)

My Desk

– Bradley Spear

As I sit here at my desk,
Pushing papers to the side,
Think upon it’s mess grotesque,
Won’dring how it got shanghaied.

Bills and books and old foolscap,
‘pon the surface do they lie,
Now atop them rests a cat,
Looks at me with orange eye.

Once I kept a desk so clear,
Ev’rything was in it’s place,
Polished wood to hold my gear,
Books were stored in their bookcase.

Try to clean it now and then,
Pay the bills and foolscap trashed,
Something though, I do not ken,
Morning comes, again it’s thrashed.

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  1. like it very much.
    what is foolscap? I know I used to know, but don’t remember except that I’m pretty sure it’s not something you’d really have on your desk

    • Strictly speaking, foolscap is the name for a 17″ x 13.5″ paper sheet, for the “fool’s cap” watermark once used on such paper. You are correct this wouldn’t normally be on my desk. However, folded in half, or “folio foolscap,” this gives 8.5″ x 13.5″ pages, very near what is called legal-size in the U.S. This has led to a slang use of foolscap to apply to legal-size sheets, which I have used from time to time for the last 35 years.