October 2009. I haven’t written any poetry in almost 25 years; the last was some free verse expression written during a low point of my life. However, I’ve recently gotten the bug to try my hand again, so I offer this, my first poem in over two decades, and my first sonnet, to my wife. (This poem was originally published on my Random Opinions blog, and moved here when I created this blog. The publish date is from the original.)

For Pamela

– Bradley Spear

O’er three years and fifteen, have you been mine.
Before this was darkness, empty all ’round.
You saved me from hell of my own design,
And soon to your side I chose to be bound.
To be in your arms, your hand on my side,
To touch your soft skin, your hair and your face,
You shed joyous tears and become my bride.
To you, my heart, and our wedded embrace.
To know you are here, my core of desire,
Faithful and loving through life that we share.
Easy is life with our passions afire,
Difficult trust when my soul is laid bare.
My wife, my love, my confessor, my friend,
Yours shall I be ’til the world finally end.

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