October 2009. The first half of this was inspired by a poem I wrote back in 1985. (This poem was originally published on my Random Opinions blog, and moved here when I created this blog. The publish date is from the original.)

First Love

– Bradley Spear

So long ago I had a love,
My life, she played a part.
The woman was to me a dove,
Ere long she had my heart.

But errors made, and not repaired,
From me she did depart.
While at my inner soul I stared,
As stone soon grew my heart.

Too long alone, no comfort found,
My life was lived apart.
But then one came and to me bound,
And she made whole my heart.

But still that love from long ago,
Inside me stayed a part.
Her place secure and kept aglow
A room within my heart.

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